About Me

I am an educator and a runner. I started this blog so that I can record my experiences and share with you my love for running and infinite curiosity about places, cultures, and things. My husband Richard provided most of the photos you saw on this site.

I am Filipino by birth, while my home of record is now Oregon in the United States. We spent several years living and working in Japan, Korea, Guam, and Belgium. We are currently based in the United Kingdom, the land of pubs, Big Ben, and endurance races!

You can now read here the published articles of my column, Educator’s High, for Eastern Visayas Journal.

Thank you for reading my blog. Follow me and let’s talk. I hope this blog gives you the information you need about places and races, the Filipino culture, and current events. Let’s learn and experience the world together, and hopefully make it a better place.

Contact me at bdmondejar@hotmail.com


1 Response to About Me

  1. Gary Eden says:

    Simply amazing and inspirational story


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