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7th PAU’s Tanay 50K Ultramarathon 2017

Running is a very popular sport in the Philippines, and it is easy to see why. Many start off by crossing the finish line of a 5K fun run or a 10K. The runner’s high encourages people to look for … Continue reading

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2nd Beer Lovers’ Marathon 2017

“Anyone can drink beer, but it takes a runner to enjoy beer.” I modified beer cicerone and author Stephen Beaumont’s quote to reflect my impression of the success of the second Beer Lovers’ Marathon in Liège, Belgium on June 4, … Continue reading


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Harmony Geneva Marathon for Unicef 2017

Switzerland is a country dear to our hearts. It was the first European country I ever visited in the 90’s and is currently the home base of my sister Minerva and her family. Richard visited Geneva several times as a … Continue reading

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Firecracker Quadzilla 2017

Busy as the new lazy is never more real than during the summer. Summer is supposed to be relaxing but people also take this time to visit family and friends, see new places or familiar haunts, or immerse in exciting … Continue reading

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