Running Progress Review 2009 – 2020: 300 Marathons

I finally finished my 300th marathon or longer distance on December 27, 2020! The races were completed in 46 countries covering five continents.

The last 40 marathons between June and December 2020 were particularly challenging due to the multiple COVID-19 lockdowns and a three-month hiatus. I had to be creative in order to complete my goal of finishing 300 by yearend. Aside from two 50Ks, a 50-miler, and a 100-miler, the count includes 17 virtual marathons.

I am truly grateful for my husband Richard his love and understanding. His support of my mad pursuit of races is legendary. I couldn’t have reached this number without him. I was also inspired by my family and friends for their words of encouragement for every race completed.

We are fortunate to be currently living in the UK with its thriving and inclusive running community, making it possible for ordinary runners like me to complete multiple challenges. The journey continues.

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