Beer Lovers’ Marathon 2019

The superhero-themed runners during the Beer Lovers’ Marathon 2019

I skipped the Beer Lovers’ Marathon last year to do other marathons. This year, I decided to participate again because after the Aruba race and travel, I wanted something local and with a generous time limit.

The 2019 edition got even better this year. They had 15 premium beer tasting stations, more entertainment, more runners, and a really fun slide to the finish line! No wonder the race was sold out this year and people were already inquiring about next year’s edition!

Richard drove the 1.5 hours to Liege on June 9, 2019. We did not stay overnight at any hotel so that was a plus. We parked the car at Parking St. Denis which was only two blocks away from the start line in Place St. Lambert.


We picked up my bib at the Beer Lovers’ Festival area. I can’t remember how much I paid for the registration; the race pack included the bib, a cap, a plastic cup with a holder, a race belt, and a finisher’s shirt. Indeed the giveaways more than made up for the registration fee.


This year’s theme was Run as Heroes. The medal featured a cool flying hero with a cape!

1,827 runners set off at 9:30 AM with all runners already in a festive mood. The promise of 15 unlimited beer tasting was exciting! The race also had a generous time limit of six and a half hours. At the 2K mark, volunteers were handing out breads for breakfast.

We hit the famous Montagne van Bueren staircase at the 5K mark. The weather was great, and the course meandered throughout Liege.

I crossed the line a little after six hours. I haven’t had a drop of beer to drink. There were many who obviously had one too much to drink but still finished way ahead of me! I particularly loved the fact that we had to slide down to the finish line. How cool is that?!


The finish area had a massage area, and more beer! There was also a hotdog station.

I was truly impressed with how the race organizers took care of the runners!



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