Black Knight Run Challenge 2019 & Punk Run Challenge 2019

Street view of the Penistone area.

We flew with Ryanair out of Charleroi Brussels South Airport to Manchester on Saturday morning, May 11, 2019. The 10:05 flight was short and sweet, landing at 10:30 because of the one hour difference with England time.

The 10:47 train at the airport took us to Huddersfield, then to Penistone. We walked the rest of the way to Old Crown Inn where we were staying. The room rate was cheap at 30 pounds a night, and it showed why in the details.

The Black Knight Challenge Marathon started at 2:00 PM at  St. John’s Community Centre on Church Street, Penistone, Sheffield S36, 6AR. The race director Travis did the usual pre-race announcement and briefing before we took off.

I took my time and finished six 6.55 mile loops to complete the marathon distance in 6:16:52.

The Punk Run Challenge the next day started at 9:00 AM. I was even slower this time, finishing in 6:24:20. I did race course duties (course check) so I completed one lap an hour early.

I love the atmosphere and friendly attitude of everyone involved in the races. The 39.95 pounds registration per race is truly worth it.

Richard checked us out of the inn and waited for me at the finish line. We walked to the Penistone train station to catch the train to Hudderfield at 3:20 PM, then to the airport, arriving at 5:07 PM

The flight back to Charleroi was at 18:30, arriving at 20:55.

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